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Spring 2021: Talent Contest




Fall 2020: Stand Up for Kids Donation Drive


Summer 2020: Story Writing Competition

 The Story Writing Competition was very successful, recieving over 100 entries!



Wildlife Conservation: Awareness and Education

February 9th, 2020 - This event was a great success! Thank you to Michael Chen for the great presentation.

Holiday Bake Sale 2019

December 10th, 2019 -Thanks to all of you who contributed to making the Bake Sale such a success! We raised almost $320 after deducting some expenses!

Spelling Bee 2018

January 28th, 2018- We were able to expand the spelling bee by increasing the number of entries that came and by holding it at a bigger venue.

Vibha Dream Mile

June 4th, 2017- This event was for 5k/10k/Half Marathon/Full Marathon. We held a successful event and were able to help the action center to spread more awareness for our cause.

Math Competition

May 7th, 2017- We were able to hold the Math Competition for the first time. We had lots of people come in to compete and helped raise money for our cause.

Dance Dhamaka

March 22nd, 2017- This was a successful event that we held for the first time too. We were able to connect to some new sponsors and were able to spread awareness

Spelling Bee 2017

January 22nd, 2017- We were able to expand the spelling bee by increasing the number of entries that came and by holding it at a bigger venue.

Book Drive


If you have any gently used books that you are planning on donating, bring them to any Vibha event or contact a youth volunteer to schedule a pick-up. We will be selling them at our Youth Chapter book sales, and all profits go towards providing underprivledged children a great eduction.

CFC boxes


This program was born out of the belief that what we consider small change small change can make a great difference in the lives of children of India. Youth volunteers distribute canisters to homes of their family and friends and at stores they frequenty visit. The patrons drop their spare change in these boxes and youth volunteers arrange pickup whenever the boxes are full and provide replacement boxes.

Dandia Kids Carnival Help

September 24th, 2016

Our youth chapter teamed up with our regional adult chapter to create a spectacular dance event. The youth chapter was in charge of the Kids Carnival which had extremely fun activities including facepainting, henna, and of course, dandia. The event took place in the Santa Clara Convention Center and was a huge success!

Awareness Booth at India Street Cafe

June 25th, 2016

A group of our youth volunteers gathered at the India Street Cafe and set up a booth where we raised both awareness and money for our cause. This event was successful as we taught others about Vibha's mission to help children across India!

Awareness Booth at Willow Glen

June 18th, 2016

Our volunteers set up a booth in Willow Glen, San Jose, where we provided activities and services such as photobooths, fake tattoos, and more! We spread the word about Vibha and got many people passionate about the cause!


Vibha Art Competition

May 22nd, 2016

Our youth and adult volunteers, as well as our talented participants, made this event a huge success! Not only did we give students a way to share their artistic abilities with the world, we also spread awareness and gained money for our cause!

Bay Area Quiz Competition (BAQC)

March 6th, 2016

Over 20 youth volunteers joined in to organize Vibha's first full-day event, in which Bay Area residents competed to showcase their knowledge of trivia. A total of $2873 was raised to go towards the aid of disadvantaged Indian children!

Spelling Bee

January 24th, 2016

Youth and adult volunteers collaborated to create a fun, educational spelling bee for children and teenagers. 94 registrants and 22 volunteers gathered together to showcase their knowledge and benefit underprivileged children in India at the same time. This event raised $1700 total.

Third Annual Table Tennis Tournament

September 20th, 2015

Youth and adult volunteers came together to throw this much beloved event for the third time. Participants played table tennis in a friendly competition, bought tasty snacks at our bake sale, and browsed through our collection of books at our book sale. 

Vibha Dream Mile

June 2015

During the Dream Mile, Youth Volunteers helped all over the place including bib distribution, water booths, food distribution, registration and bib distribution, spreading awareness about the youth chapter and helping out with the carnival, and clean up. 


Vibha Holi

March 2015

The adult chapter of Vibha held a Holi event for the first time at Baylands Park. All participants had a lot of fun, and we sold out of tickets the week before the event. We had a couple youth volunteers go to the event and help with passing out color. 


Book and Bake Sale - Trinethra

September 2014

We would like to thank Trinethra, a local indian grocery store for allowing us to have a book sale outside its store. After a summer break, youth volunteers were back and ready to hold another book and bake sale. This is an event that we love to do because it does not involve much planning.

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any book donations. They will gladly be accepted!

1st Annual Spelling Bee

June 2014

This was our first time holding a spelling bee, and we were able to pull it off thanks to the help of all the youth volunteers. The leads for this event were Neelie and Jasmine and it was an event thought of and planned by the youth chapter. Incoming 1-9th grade students participated, in three different categories and had lots of fun.

ICC Sevathon – Kids Activities

June 2014

After seeing the success of the Kids Carnival at the Vibha Dream Mile, Sevathon coordinators contacted the youth volunteers and asked for volunteers for their event. Volunteers organized outdoor activities that kids enjoyed including games with hula-hoops and jump ropes. The youth chapter also had coloring supplies availabe and face painting booths for the children. We love helping out in our community through any events.

The Dream Mile – Carnival , VYC Info Booth 

June 2014

Once again this year, we had a few youth volunteers take on the lead and organize the carnival at the Vibha Dream Mile. Our booth attracts many children and gives them a more enjoyable experience because they get to do their favorite thing - play with their friends! Organized solely by the youth, the Carnival attracted many kids with arts and crafts activities and bubbles. Additionally, we had a face-painting booth where kids of all ages could get unique designs.

Vibha Dandia - Kid's Korner

October 12th and 19th 2013

A few youth volunteers represented the youth chapter at the Annual Vibha Dandia.They helped raise awareness for the youth chapter while looking after young kids whose parents dropped them off at the Kid's Korner. They organized and monitored activities that helped keep the kids busy while the adults could enjoy dancing without worrying about their young kids.

Second Annual Table Tennis Tournament 

September 28th 2013

Our Second Annual Table Tennis Tournament was a success! After a few successful Book and Bake sales across the Bay Area, we took our first step into formal fundraising and sponsoring. The youth experienced the process of organizing an event from scratch. A few volunteers took charge of certain aspects such as sponsorship, marketing, and day of event logistics. Fourty-seven participants came out to compete at the ICC Table Tennis Center. A Book and Bake sale was run at the event as well. Overall, it raised $1,167, and was a fantastic experience for our youth volunteers.

Photo Booth at Asha Stanford Holi

April 7th 2013

Five youth volunteers and two parents set up a photo booth at the Asha Stanford Holi event. Amidst colors and dancing, more than 60 patrons stopped by to get themselves clicked(some in crazy ways!). Post event, the pictures were uploaded to facebook (where permitted) or sent via email to the patrons. The purpose of the booth was team building and spreading awareness about the organization.

Beautiful Day - Redecorating/Repainting at Vinci Park Elementary School

April 28th, 2013

Eleven youth and six adult volunteers spent 5 hours on a HOT! summer day repainting the outside and redecorating the classrooms of Vinci Park Elementary school in San Jose.

“A Beautiful day” was organized by the City of San Jose in an effort to help the schools in low-income areas get a new and fresh lok into the classrooms. The event provided a great opportunity for Vibha Youth Volunteers to connect and give back to the local community.

Book Sale at New India Bazaar (Santa Clara)

May 11th, 2013

Eight youth and three adult volunteers represented the organisation and what the youth chapter stands for - leadership through example (guiding the younger kids), team work, humility and focus to what you were set to do (holding up the boards, distributing the Dream Mile flyers), initiative (to help customers select age appropriate books) and most of all the compassion of doing something to help the underprivileged. While all the above experiences are a reward in itself - we did raise $104.50 from the sale. That actually translates to providing education to 6 underprivileged children in India for the entire year.

The Dream Mile – Carnival , VYC Info Booth and Medal/certs Booth

June 2nd, 2013

Completely planned, managed and executed by the Vibha Youth Volunteers, the kids Carnival catered to close to 35 young children handing them colors, paints, decorative items, bubbles and endless activities while the parents got a breather to grab a bite, take some pictures or just socialize with their running buddies or coaches. The kids carnival also pulled in some “friends” to help out and hopefully they will join the VYC as regular volunteers. The VYC info booth was solely managed by one seasoned young volunteer and parent and was able to provide all the information required to interested patrons.Since the carnival overflowed with young volunteers, VYC volunteers stepped up to help out on the certificate and medals booth. The help was surely appreciated.

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