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Website Co-leads:

Name: Akash Vaid

Vibha Volunteer Since 2019

School: Cupertino High School

Grade: 11th 

I joined Vibha to meet new people and learn how to work in a group and manage projects, as well as to help those in need.

Name: Rishab Koka

Vibha Volunteer Since 2017

School: Homestead High School

Grade: 12th 

I join Vibha Youth Chapter (VYC) because I enjoy helping people and think it is important to giving back to the less fortunate. One thing that surprised me about VYC is that through the volunteer work I have done I have been able to pick up some new skills such as website management and how to plan events. Some things I like to do outside of Vibha are playing sports, learning new things, and playing video games.



Name: Maia Kumar

Vibha Volunteer Since 2019

School: Santa Clara High School

Grade: 11th 

My name is Maia and I'm a junior at Santa Clara High School. I am extremely passionate about giving back to society and supporting those who don't have access to opportunities and resources that many of us are blessed with. I am also very passionate about empowering women and the differently-abled at my high school.



Name: Arya Mhaiskar

Vibha Volunteer Since 2019

School: Cupertino High School

Grade: 11th 


My name is Arya and I am a junior at Cupertino High School. I joined Vibha because I believe it is important to provide a good education and opportunity to underprivileged children. Apart from volunteering, I enjoy biking, reading, and watching movies.

Marketing Lead:

Name: Jiya Singh

Vibha Volunteer Since 2013

School: Stevens Creek

Grade: 5th

Hi, my name is Jiya Singh and I'm 10 years old. I am a volunteer with Vibha. I love volunteering with Vibha because it's lots of fun! I've learned so much about leadership, management, and doing good work for society. I've made many friends, and we all work together and make events for the community. I think people should join the Vibha Youth Chapter. We do lots of team building, and work on how to be a team, and raise funds for education, food, and shelter for the underprivileged children in India and America. I am currently the VYC's Social Media Director. I use my talent of making iMovies, and use them to make advertisements for Vibha. This way I can spread my talent through Vibha while having them impact others' lives. 



Event Co-leads:

Name: Aarav Sontakke

Vibha Volunteer Since 2020

School: Stratford Raynor Park

Grade: 8th 

I was born in England and I love to volunteer with the Vibha Team and make a difference.


Name: Rishika Srinivas

Vibha Volunteer Since 2019

School: Cupertino High School

Grade: 11th 

I love math and science, and in my free time, I enjoy reading, singing Indian classical music, and biking. More importantly, I love volunteering for Vibha. The fundraisers we run bring opportunity to underprivileged children in India AND allow us to express our creative side. On top of this, everyone is so kind, supportive, and compassionate.


Name: Apurva Pophali

Vibha Volunteer Since 2019

School: Cupertino High School

Grade: 11th 

I am a complete bookworm! In addition to that, I also love to write, blog, make art, play my guitar, and dance. When I'm not expressing my creative side, I love to hike in the CA mountains, bake, and volunteer! I especially love it here at Vibha because the entire group really feels like family - they are just so supportive!



Name: Raashi Sachdeva

Vibha Volunteer Since 2019

School: Hyde Middle School

Grade: 7th 

Hello, my name is Raashi Sachdeva. I joined Vibha because I have a passion for helping people and communities in need. Some of my hobbies are helping underprivileged people and communities, arts and crafts, and fostering dogs from the Humane Society of Silicone Valley.


Name: Tavisha Patel

Vibha Volunteer Since 2019

School: Wilcox High School

Grade: 9th 

I love to read and play the piano. I enjoy volunteering for Vibha and helping others as well.
More additions coming soon!

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