Meet The Volunteers!

Name: Ruchika Bist

Vibha Volunteer Since 2015

School: Kennedy Middle School

Grade: 8

"I chose to volunteer in Vibha because I felt a strong urge to help those who are in need. Being with Vibha is so rewarding, not only because we help underprivileged chldren in India, but because while doing so, we build a strong sense of leadership in our community. We work with our peers and form lasting bonds while organizing events and raising money that will give others the opportunity they deserve. It is so fulfilling to see our plans get transformed into a reality that can gather funds to aid disadvantaged children. I am the Director of IT for Vibha, and I am so grateful for my position, and all the experiences and new people Vibha has shown me. Although I only started last year, I have been able to attend many events, from the bake sales to the BAQC and Spelling Bee, to the Diwali festival, to the most recent celebration: the Earth Day Festival. I am looking forward to everything that is in store for Vibha in the future and I am so thankful to be a part of something like this."


Name: Avani Karkare

Vibha Volunteer Since 2011

School: Milpitas High School

Grade: 10

“I chose to volunteer for Vibha because I feel that it is important to help raise money to provide children in India a proper education. I like working with the other volunteers a lot and coordinating with others to put together events and fundraisers. Also, volunteering is really fun. I have helped out with the Table Tennis Tournaments that the VYC hosted, as well as the Asha Holi photo booth, and the Kids Korner at the annual Vibha Dandia. I'm also helping write the VYC End of the Year Newsletter for 2014.”

Name: Vibha Arun

Vibha Volunteer Since 2013

Grade: 11

School: Gunn High School

“My mom apart of Vibha when I was younger and so I wanted to also be a part of this organization. Also my name is Vibha so that is another reason why I choose this organization rather than a different one. I like hanging out with my friends and helping out for a good cause. I was the photographer at the Dream Mile and at the Spelling Bee, and I am in charge of the Vibha Youth Chapter Database.” 


Name: Devika Kumar

Vibha Volunteer Since 2014

Grade: 11

School: Los Altos High School

I wanted to be a part of something big, and I was eager to make a difference in people's lives.I really like the community aspect of volunteering for Vibha, which comes from the fact that we are all working to make a difference together, and we are all reaching to achieve the same goal.I have helped collect books for our book drive and helped with face paint at the Kids Korner at Dandia. I can't wait to change lives and make the world a better place.

Name: Shriya Nadavi

Vibha Volunteer Since 2014

Grade: 9

School: Cupertino High School

“I chose to volunteer for vibha because I enjoy doing volunteer service. I like helping out in the community.The thing I like most about volunteering is that I help other people and contribute to society. The first event I volunteered at was the Dandia."


Name: Jiya Singh

Vibha Volunteer Since 2013

Grade: 5

School: Stevens Creek

Hi, my name is Jiya Singh and I'm 10 years old. I am a volunteer with Vibha.I love volunteering with Vibha because its lots of fun! I've learned so much about leadership, management, and doing good work for the society. I've made many friends, and we all work together and make events for the community. I think people should join the Vibha Youth Chapter. We do lots of team building, and work on how to be a team, and raise funds for education, food, and shelter for the underprivileged children in India and America. I am currently the VYC's Social Media Director. I use my talent of making iMovies, and use them to makeadvertisements for Vibha. This way I can spread my talent through Vibha, while having them impact others lives. 



Name: Mohul Aggarwal

 Vibha Volunteer Since 2015

 School: Stratford Middle School Santa Clara

 Grade: 7 

"I chose to volunteer in Vibha because I always wanted to help the community out in any way I could. I was really interested in community service, and then Jasneet Aunty gave me an opportunity to step up and join the Vibha Youth Chapter. Not only do I love working with people to coordinate fun events, but also I believe that every child should be given the opportunity to have a proper education. By joining Vibha, I am given the opportunity to help underprivileged kids around the world.

 I am currently leading the Vibha Youth Spelling Bee and Bay Area Quiz Event. As a youth volunteer leader for this event, I am able to cooperate with many people and come up with better ideas as for how to make events like this successful. I am hoping to do even more events and fundraisers in the coming years, and I hope that I can continue to make a difference in today’s world."



More additions coming soon!

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